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                          AKON - MAMA AFRICA 
[Song from Konvicted (2006)]
[Akon actually performs this song in B (half-tone up)]
[Should be played inna reggae style]


Am      G
So much love to share
Pure blackness, oneness so rare
Am      G
So much love to care
Let them know they're missin' out
Mama Africa

so much love to share
Sweet blackness, oneness be there
So much love to give
Let them know they missin' out
Sing again

[Verse 1]

C                        G (355433)              Dm
A - This is for all the love And the life took away
F - Don't forget we were born in trade
     Em                                Dm
R - ripped from the land and shipped away
I - Is the inspiration we used to survive
C - Have to see it with your own cries
A - Don't play, Add it up and alright

Still ya don't know
Land is so gold and green
Dm                              Am
  The place is so fresh and cle-an
And everyday I water my garden
Tell me if you feel it deep in your heart and

The space is so cool and nice
Visit once, guaranteed to visit twice
And if you just believe in the most high
I know you'll be alright
Mama Africa


[Verse 2]

A - That's my favorite place when I need to get away
F - Must forget but we can't forget to pray
R - Like Lance ridin' on the runway
I - In my homeland and I'm feelin' so alive
C - Hear me chant Africa unite
A - Gonna accept the mass alright

Still ya don't know
Skin is so dark and brown
She lifts me right off the ground
But no ya not gonna see it on ya tv
So just listen up and believe me
Her trees have the only cure
Her love is blue so and pure
Had to kiss them troubles goodbye bye
No I don't have to lie mama Africa, unite



So much so much love
So much
So tell me can you feel it
So much so much care
So much
Make that visit
So much so much love
So much
Senegal can you feel it
So much so much care
so much

So much love to share
I just can't see how we livin' without it
So much love to care
Don't miss don't miss one moment about it
So much love to share
Resist this miss yo I really doubt it


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